A public hearing was held for the 2015 Budget at the final Kane County Commission meeting of 2014.  The total budget is $25,364,546.  There has been sufficient new growth to maintain the increases needed.  

The increases were: COLA 1.7% and 10% medical insurance, which is the industry standard increase.  So, the money spent in 2015 is the same amount as before, plus the new growth.  That means no tax increase.

Sky Chaney asked where the new growth is taking place?  The answer was mostly Cedar Mountain. Chaney also asked what were the greatest increases?  The answer was medical, COLA and new responsibilities in the volunteer and events center.

Commissioner Doug Heaton thanked Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson and his fellow Commissioners Jim Matson and Dirk Clayson for a good budget. Heaton continued that with RS2477 roads and some battles won, the precedent is set and most likely there will be a reimbursement from the state.

Resolution 2014-27 adopting the Kane County 2015 budget passed unanimously.

The next public hearing was the 2014 budget opening. Necessary adjustments were made.  They were for grants, new employees, medical costs for inmates (the state will reimburse) accruals, receivables and payables.  All changes remained within the 2014 budget.

Resolution 2014-28, adopting the budget opening and subsequent adjustments, was approved.

Honi Vazifdar and John Olberg were re-appointed to the Canyonland CID Board (County Improvement District)

Resolution 2014-25 was approved.  This amends the Kane County 401K profit sharing board and reduces the number of trustees from five to three. The County Attorney and Treasurer will remain on the board as advisors and not vote.

The contract with Utah Transportation Coalition with Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce was approved, not to exceed $2,000.  They are working on fuel tax with the Utah Association of Counties and League of Cities and Towns.

Ordinance 2014-21 was adopted which amended chapters 6 & 7 of the Kane County Land Use Ordinance.

The Commissioners also approved a lot joinder for lots 148, 149 & 172 in Zion View Mountains Estates.

During the report section after the action agenda¸ Commissioner Heaton was asked if the American Lands Council was going to respond to the SUWA TV ads against the transfer of public lands. He responded they do not have enough money, and what SUWA claims are not truthful or factually accurate. Commissioner Matson added that SUWA uses those ads as fundraisers.

For Public Input, Carol Kershaw, Kane School Foundation, collected money for their $10 for 10 years drive.

Newly elected officials will be sworn in on January 5, at 10 a.m.