Dear Editor:

We have been coming to Kanab for 12 years to volunteer at Best Friends. This year we retired and moved here from the San Diego area. We have lived here now for about seven months. It came as no surprise to us that we would love living here. We greatly enjoy volunteering at Best Friends. The scenery is beyond beautiful. However, it is the people of this town who have helped make Kanab our home. From the first visit, we appreciated how friendly and welcoming the people of this town have been.

We are writing this now, after seven months, because we had carolers come to our door tonight. Where, other than a Bing Crosby Christmas movie, does that happen? Children of all ages led by adults singing Silent Night – three verses! We watched and listened (particularly to the darling little girl in front who was working very hard at singing just right). After they left, we closed the door and just looked at each other. Did that just happen? How did we get so lucky to be living in this town with these people?  

We don’t know who the carolers were, but our heartfelt thanks to them. Wonderful surprise. Truly touched our hearts. Thank you Kanab for being the kind of town where Bing Crosby would still like to open an inn. We consider ourselves very lucky to be citizens of this special town. Merry Christmas!