The cooperative agreement between the State of Utah Division of State Parks and Kane County for the creation of a promotional video by “At Your Leisure” of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park was approved at the December 8 Kane County Commission meeting. State Parks will pay the majority of funding.

Resolution 2014-26 was adopted, appointing two executive committee members to the South West Regional Response and Coordinating Team. Alan Alldredge and Joe Decker were appointed. The commissioners wanted Alldredge to know how much they appreciate all of his efforts in representing Kane County.

The Board of Equalization was opened at the request of Kane County Assessor Linda Little. The Primary Exemption was granted due to a “communication glitch and legitimate misunderstanding” of the party involved. Commissioner Dirk Clayson expressed concern that at this late date, it will affect the budgets of all taxing entities in the county. The vote was Clayson and Commissioner Jim Matson aye and Commissioner Doug Heaton nay. The commissioners commented, “We have a tax collector with a heart.”

Lloyd Laycook, Vice Chair of the Southern Utah Veteran’s Home in Ivins, spoke of the need to take care of our Veterans. Rosie Gratsia, Liaison Director of the Southern Utah Veteran’s Home, told the commissioners the home has a five star rating and is rated the finest in the U.S. The home has rehabilitation services, as well as long time care. Laycook said if anyone is interested in a tour, he would love to take them through the facility. The commissioners thanked Laycook for all of the work he has done on behalf of Veterans.

Rhonda Gant, Human Resource and Insurance Committee, gave a brief overview of the self- insured program for 2014. On behalf of all county employees, she thanked the commissioners and said the benefit package is appreciated. Medical claims are up in 2014. The year 2014 has been a hard year on medical insurance. However, administration and plans are doing well.  Commissioner Matson asked, “When will we know if we have to return to market?” Gant replied, “We’re good for 2015. We’ll have to reassess next year when we have more data for the year 2015.”

Mary Craven showed photos of her home during the public input part of the meeting. She showed photos from the early ‘90s up to current, which showed overgrowth in the Johnson Canyon wash.

During the report section, Commissioner Clayson reported the importance of the recent court win. SUWA lost in their Statute of Limitations argument. The three panel judges in the Denver Court ruled to preserve rights of Section 107 Public Waters as part of the Taylor Grazing Act. Kane was granted title to roads and water.  Clayson said, “The big issues were resolved in our favor. A great victory for Kane County.”

Commissioner Heaton said, “This is precedent setting for the rest of the State of Utah. Access to Public Lands is preserved. A big thank you to former Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw for his work on the roads.”

There is a porosity problem with the Alton Road. Water is coming up through the asphalt. The county will have it looked at by the engineers.