The Kane County Volunteer Center operates through the county government, but mostly relies on the good hearts and volunteer efforts of county residents.

They are in charge of soliciting and coordinating volunteers for most every county event, from Grand to Grand to Sub for Santa, from Western Legends Round-Up to the Christmas Festival, (Dec. 5-6). And so many more! They work on volunteer staffing of 50-75 events a year!

“We help anyone who has an event,” said Geniel Spencer. “We solicit volunteers and then direct them to the area of need. Anyone who has an event.”

“We get volunteers who call from the Internet,” added Lanell Dove, “and we also facilitate community service workers for volunteer events.”

Direction for this large job comes from Kane County and the Travel Council.

“We’re always looking for volunteers,” said Dove, “both in Orderville and Kanab.

And the holidays are a big time! The Volunteer Center coordinates Sub for Santa, along with interfacing with the schools.

“During the holidays, Sub for Santa is an enormous project, people donate to the cause and we basically become the elves,” said Spencer. “We don’t wrap the presents, they come and pick them up, so it seems like they came from Santa or the parents.”

The length the Kane County Volunteer Center elves actually go would even be pretty strenuous for Santa! With such a large county such as Kane, they help with Big Water, Alton, Glendale, Duck Creek and even Bullfrog! (Kane County deputies and a ferry help with these logistics!)

“I love this job,” said Dove. “The opportunity is here to really help people.”

As for what their needs are during the Christmas season, or how you can help, give the volunteer center a call! They can use donated toys, domestic needs or money.

“We buy local as much as we can,” said Dove, citing local businesses have been great to work with on discounting needed items. “Otherwise, we order some things on Amazon, then our schools get credit.”

Director Vicki Hooper is thrilled with the community’s response, although there needs to be more. “It’s amazing how a community comes together to help others.”

And the Kane County Volunteer Center believes in turning it around. They offer those who have been a beneficiary of the community’s generosity a chance to repay the kindness. She said numerous recipients do want to help.

“Those who do receive – let them come back and have the opportunity to volunteer,” said Hooper. “We’re here for the community.”