The Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Kane County hosted the first ever, Dunesday Xtreme Triathlon on Saturday, November 8. The triathlon is an original event, which included fat-biking, sandboarding and running in the sand.

Each four-person team had to complete a loop which started with fat-biking through some soft sand and even pushing it up some inclines before dropping it off at the top of a small dune. The racers would then climb to the top of a large sand dune, strap on a sandboard and carve (or crash) to the bottom of the dune, where they ditched the board and climbed, ran or walked out the rest of the way to the finish line where the next team member would start the loop. Each team had to go a total six miles in soft sand.

Team America” from Hurricane won the team award for fastest time, which was one hour and 12 minutes. The team members are Austen Woodard, Matthew Morawetz, Kyrsten Woodard and Jacob Fry. Austen Woodard was also awarded as the fastest male with an individual time just under 14 minutes. Joan Keller of Kanab was awarded as the fastest female, completing the loop in 24 minutes and 27 seconds.

Morawetz has also participated in the Tough Mudder and Spartan races. When asked what he thought of Dunesday Xtreme, he said, “It was the hardest and most fun event that I’ve ever done.” Austen said, “All of us are stoked on how much fun the fat bikes and boards were. We can’t wait to come out and compete in the next one.”

“The racers were excited about the event and most of them plan to participate next year and bring other teams with them, said Tyler Cornell, of Kane County Recreation. “This year we had fun, learned a lot and we look forward to making the event bigger and better next year.”

To see images of the race and learn more about it, join the “Dunesday Xtreme” group on Facebook.