In the only contested local race, for Kane School Board District Four, incumbent Dr. Loral Linton and challenger Kevin Glazier collected the same amount of votes – 167 apiece – to finish in a tie. There are 11 provisional ballots and 141 absentee ballots from Big Water that have not been counted yet. They will be tallied on November 17 at the canvas, when the winner will be announced.

In the other county races, where all the races were unopposed, the vote totals were:

County Commission Seat A

Dirk Clayson -1443

County Commission Seat B

Jim Matson - 1427

County Attorney

Rob Van Dyke - 1421

County Clerk/Auditor

Karla Johnson - 1593

County Sheriff

Tracy Glover - 1596

County Assessor

Linda Little - 1566

County Recorder

Ver Jean Caruso - 1546

County Treasurer

Gergia Baca - 1555

School Board District Five

Brian Goulding - 284

Utah State Representative

District 73

Mike Noel - 1391

Even though the local races were mostly unopposed, 49.6% of the 3911 register voters turned out to cast their ballot.

In the statewide elections, Republican Sean Reyes collected 62.7% of the vote to win the Attorney General seat over Democrat Charles Stormont, who gathered 27.5% of the vote. The margin was even greater in Kane County, where Reyes picked up 71.3% to Stormont’s 18.5%. Reyes will finish out the remaining two years of John Swallow’s term. Swallow resigned under pressure and faces criminal charges.

In the U.S. Congessional races, incumbent Republican Rob Bishop won District 1 over Democrat challenger Donna McAleer, 64.2% to 29.0%. Incumbent Republican Chris Stewart won District 2 over challenger Democrat Liz Robles 60.1% to 33.5%. In Kane County, Stewart had 70.1% to Robles’ 19.5%. In District 3, Republican incumbent Jason Chaffetz won big over Democratic challenger Brian Wonnacott 72.4% to 22.6%. In District 4, where Democrat Jim Matheson decided not to run, Republican Mia Love edged out Democrat Wayne Owens 50.0% to 46.8%.

Only one of the three Utah Constitutional Amendments passed, Amendment B, with 55.6% voting for and 44.4% against. Amendment A went down, with 59.5% against, and 40.5% for. Amendment C also was defeated, with 65.6% voting against, and 34.4% for.