At the October 17 Kane County Commission meeting, Mike Petullo, Chairman of the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District, said his board has some concerns about not being notified or aware of the county’s position with the Township Act. Commissioner Dirk Clayson responded that a location is needed for a sewage lagoon on Cedar Mountain, and seeking land with the Township Act was recommended. The process is in the preliminary stages.

“When it comes to each entity making a choice, they will have the information.” Those entities include: Kane County Hospital, Kane County School District, Kane County, the Forest Service, etc. The county does not yet have the information on cost for land or for the survey. Each entity that wants to opt in will have to pay for the appraised land and fees for the survey. Petrullo said his board wants to make an informed decision.

Commissioner Clayson will begin meeting with the individual boards involved for a more detailed explanation on information the county has. Commissioner Doug Heaton commented, “Sister agencies are trying to accomplish a municipal goal. There is an opportunity and benefits if acquiring land under the Township Act is accomplished.” Use of the Township Act is not for private enterprise.

In other business, the commission approved the insurance proposal from the Kane County Insurance Committee. Kane County is self-insured. The proposal is with the Gerber Company, whose quote was the best option. Current user, HCC, gave a much higher quote for renewal. The committee found the 12-12 program would be more cost effective. This means bills being paid within a 12-month period, rather than a carryover of several months.

Karla Johnson, Insurance Committee member, updated the commissioners on the county insurance figures. An additional $22,365, the taxes for the Affordable Care Act, had not been budgeted.

After months of research and hearings, the commission adopted Resolution 2014-23, amending changes to Chapter 1, 2, 3 & 6 of the Kane County Resource Management Plan. While most of the changes had to do with formatting, several of the changes and additions concerned grazing.

The commission approved renewal of the contract for financial advisory services with John Bronson and Zions Bank.

Commissioner Heaton reported Elko County Nevada Commissioner Grant Gerber, age 75, had died. He was the organizer of the Cowboy Express and one of the co-founders of the American Lands Council. During the Cowboy Express, Gerber was riding at night when his horse stepped in a gopher hole and fell on him. He died several days later as a result of injuries he sustained. The Cowboy Express was a grass roots horseback ride, collecting petitions from local governments along the way and delivering them to the U.S. Congress.

During the public input, Charlie Saba had done some research and read parts of federal law that may help with strategies. He read some sentences from the Mining Act, FLPMA and the Antiquities Act, and based on that information, “acts of the Secretary of Interior could be found illegal.” The commissioners thanked him for his research.