1) I was raised in Kanab, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona, graduated from Fredonia High School. I attended college at Southern Utah University and Southern California University of Health Sciences Los Angeles Chiropractic College. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a post Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Orthopedics, and two certificates in Acupuncture. I am a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist. I am licensed in Utah as a Chiropractic physician and in Arizona as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. I have been in private practice in Kanab for 37 years.

My wife Charlyn and I have six children, five daughters and one son, who all attended school in Kanab, graduated from Kanab High School with a high quality education and went on to attend college or trade school. We have 15 grandchildren.

I have always felt an important part of living in a community is to give of your time and talents. In the past I have served as: President of the Kane County School Board, Chairman of the Kanab City Planning and Zoning, Kanab City Board Equalization, Secretary/Treasurer of the Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Examining Committee of the Utah Chiropractic State Board of Examiners, Commissioner of the Examining Committee of the American Board Chiropractic Orthopedics, Archeology Site Steward for the BLM, School Community Council member, Scout Master- Boy Scouts of America. I was appointed in 2001 by President George W. Bush as a member of the United States Selective Service Board.

I am currently serving as Vice President of the Kane County School Board, and I am a member of the Kanab Chapter of Lion’s Club International. I am a Ham Radio operator. My hobbies are old car restoration, woodworking and spending quality time with my family enjoying my grandchildren.

2) I enjoy the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives and I feel I have been an asset to the school board. I bring a broad base of knowledge, common sense and wisdom. I have strong feelings that Our Children Really Are Our Future! I value the importance of a good education and the significance it makes in one’s life. Public education is the avenue that most families choose for their children’s education, so I feel public education should not only give every child a quality education, but it should also instill the values that parents, grandparents and the community expects. I have always felt that family and community input is essential.

I value the importance of accountability for the way our tax dollars are spent. Education is expensive, but must be a priority for a productive and successful society. As your elected board member, I have a very conservative financial record, I look at spending as a parent and as a businessman, keeping costs and fees to a minimum without compromising what is best for our children. I will continue to be frugal and wise with spending.

It is very important that we have and keep excellent teachers, who are skilled and dedicated to find what works best for each and every student. Each child is unique and teachers are being expected to be more and more accountable for each student’s progress. We have many excellent administrators, teachers, teachers’ aides and staff that provide exceptional instruction and support in our district.

As a board member I feel it is imperative that school policies be fair and equal for everyone. Over the past years, as board members, our policies have and continue to be reviewed and revised to make sure they are up to date and impartial for students, parents and staff.

I will always do what is best to help our children learn necessary life skills, to cultivate good citizenship, creativity and productive lives.

3) As we all know, technology is changing at an exponential rate, and with that technology, we have new devices and gadgets introduced daily. With that, the way we think about education is having to change constantly to keep up with it. Not only does technology change quickly, it is expensive and it can quickly become obsolete. For this reason it is important as leaders to do our homework and not make expensive mistakes.

Our classrooms are different than when parents went to school, and it is a challenge to help parents be involved in their child’s education. As more and more mandates are put upon education, it becomes ever increasingly difficult to jump through the hoops, and have the necessary funding to implement those mandates without losing the ability to control education on a state and local level. Guidelines and standards are good, but the way we accomplish them should not be mandated by the Federal Government.

4) The students of Kane County are receiving an excellent and high quality education. Over the past decade, our schools have shown through state testing, a higher than state average in Math, Language Arts, Science and Reading. In 2010, Kanab High School was ranked #13 overall in Utah schools, and Valley High was ranked #8 overall in the state. Several of our elementary schools over the past four years have received the Honors of “ Highly Effective Title One School” Big Water (one time), Kanab (three times) and Valley (two times) and last year Kanab Elementary was nominated for the top Title One School in the state.

As a board, we have implemented testing and accountability that allows teachers to know on a weekly and in some cases a daily basis, whether a student is proficient or needs additional help. If the student is not proficient in a subject or concept, they are given additional remedial tutoring immediately to bring them up to proficiency. There is accountability for every student, so no child is lost in the system.

In Valley and Kanab High Schools, we are in our second year of a new class schedule that allows our student to not only meet the State Curriculum standards, but they are able take more elective classes in Technology, Art, Music or other interest that were not previously offered. We also offer Ed-Net College Classes where it is possible for students to earn college credits or even complete an associate degree upon high school graduation. Kanab and Valley schools have a long tradition of excellence in music, sports and many other activities. We are providing an education that will prepare our children for the future.

5) My main focus is providing the best education possible for our children, keeping up on changes and needs that will give them an exceptional education, and to give them the best chance for a successful future. There are several building needs throughout the district that need to be addressed over the next few years. With tragic events that have happened at other schools in recent years, I will be focusing on school safety; there are remodeling needs and plans in the works to make our schools more secure to intruders. We need additional classrooms to accommodate for increase in student classes and student enrollment. This will provide better opportunities in the pre-school, technology, music and extra-curricular activities. I support the pay as you go concept, where we prioritize our needs into different phases so our needs are met without imposing undue financial burdens. With this focus, it will insure an exceptional education, while avoiding for the next four years any additional tax burdens.