Kevin Glazier

1) It is a pleasure to take the opportunity to run for Kane County School Board. I am currently involved in the operation of Glazier’s Market and Stage Stop. Prior to this, I was employed for 30 amazing years by the Kane County School District, where I served as elementary teacher, middle school teacher and principal at Kanab Middle School. I enjoyed everyday in my profession. It was all about the kids! Teaching is my life, which gives me the motivation to keep involved. I retired from the profession still enjoying what I was doing.

2. My motivation for running is that I still have the desire to be involved in the education process. With my experience as an educator, I can help make Kane County School District better. I have seen what works well in the education, and I have seen what doesn’t work so well. I feel it is time for a change.

3. The greatest challenge facing the school district is too much involvement from our government leaders. I believe they mean well, but sometimes are somewhat misguided. We have too many mandated tests. I realize the need for evaluation, but we are letting the tests drive our teaching and not the needs of the students. Teaching and learning are at their best when the schools and students are enjoying what they are doing, working together for the best possible outcome.

4. Being an educator and challenger to an incumbent who has held his position for a very long time, it is hard to say anything negative about our current system. Sometimes we just keep doing the same thing, and keep getting the same results. This is why change is good. We all have need of improvement. We need to get out of our ruts and look for ways to keep education fun and exciting. We have excellent teachers in our district. We just need to make sure we have the vehicle to use their exceptional talents.

5. Look at my answers to the previous questions. That would be my focus. We need to make sure we are all a team working together for the same result. As I said before, I loved my time teaching. I still enjoyed it when I left. I hope all the employees in the district can retire like I did, with a lot still left in the tank and loving what you did and the students and associates you work with. I appreciate all of your support and remember to register and get out and vote.