While the State of Utah has several interesting races on the ballot in the November 4 General Election, Kane County only has one. Incumbent Loral Linton and challenger Kevin Glazier are facing off for the District 4 seat of the Kane County School Board race.

There is a U.S. House of Representatives race for Congressional District 2 that has five candidates running; Shaun McCausland (Con), Wayne Hill (IAP), Chris Stewart (R), Liz Nobles (D), and Bill Barron(unaffiliated)

There are also five candidates running for the office of Attorney General. That contest has generated a lot of interest due to the beleaguered office. The candidates are W. Andrew McCullough (LIB); Gregory Hansen (CON); Charles Stormont (D); Sean Reyes (R) and Leslie Curtis (IAP).

The following are the school board candidate responses to the following questions:

1) Tell us briefly about yourself – pertinent educational background, work experience and/or personal interests.

2) What’s your motivation for running for school board?

3) What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the school district?

4) How do you rate Kane County’s current educational system?

5) If you were elected, what would be a focus for your term?