On October 11, the Valley High School baseball team proved many wrong in a big way. They played the favored Wayne Badgers and the results will not soon be forgotten. 

After a gut-wrenching 4-3 victory over Tabiona on Friday, the anticipation was heavy for the match-up with Wayne. The Buffaloes had previously suffered a hard loss against Wayne at the region championship game. This made them even more determined and they came out ready to play ball. 

With possibly the most impressive performance all season, Valley High School came out with a landslide win. The state title was certainly not given to this team, but required an astounding amount of work and extra practice before and after scheduled practices. Every spare second, several players were at the field working hard to earn that trophy. The results are obvious. The lessons taught to this team on and off the field from excellent coaches are evident as they play and are certainly powerful.

With Valley’s impressive 10 runs, 18 hits and 0 errors, they played close to a perfect game. This does not even compare to Wayne’s 0 runs, 1 hit and 3 errors. As the game concluded, pitcher Kobe Shatto threw the last of many strikes, and the crowd and team exploded. When fans rushed out onto the field to congratulate the new state champions, an emotional parent stated, “This is it! We have been talking about this for 14 years!” 

The team was escorted back to the high school by police cars, firetrucks, and parent’s cars. Many members of the community were ecstatically waiting for them and they entered the school with countless cheers beside them. Coach Sorensen addressed the community saying, “This is not only a win for the team, but for the school and for you, the community!”