Author Kristyn Decker visited the Long Valley Farmers Market in Orderville, where she marketed her recent publication, “Fifty Years in Polygamy – Big Secrets and Little White Lies.” The book is a difficult read at times, as many heartbreaking experiences were a major part of her life, from a child to an adult. 

Decker was born into a polygamous family, where life experiences are revealed as she writes about the lifestyle that was part of her life for 50 years. She openly speaks of abuse and living through the depths of hell as she wanted to be an obedient daughter.

Some of the reviews include excerpts from “Incredible. No other words to describe this book, but incredible. A well written account of a life of extreme abuse, emotional anguish, and mental torture. The strength it must have taken to break away from the lifestyle is inspiring. May it be a guideline and a shining star for everyone who wants insight into polygamy and to those who seek an avenue outside the “Crick.” 

Decker’s personal quest is to inform and encourage others to find a way to leave a lifestyle in opposition to their own personal inner belief system, and find a way to deal with the lies and deceit that have been so much a part of the upbringing of so many people who don’t know the way back home to their own identity and self esteem. 

A natural teacher, Decker began teaching in her son’s Head Start class, then began her quest to become a college graduate. She sacrificed, studied and blossomed in her teaching experience and quest for a college degree. Her dreams came true in 2002 when she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from SUU in elementary and early childhood education. She began her teaching career from K-2 in the public school system.

To speak with Decker is to witness first-hand an extremely strong confident woman, filled with positive energy and a desire to help others find a better way of life. She now enjoys the love of a supportive husband and children. Her spirit shines as she has personally overcome some impossible obstacles. 

KB on summed it up very well: “Recommended…I love this book! The story is the raw truth about the dysfunction of life for everyone in the grips of a polygamous lifestyle. Kristyn did a great job of telling it like it really is: painful, destructive and mind twisting.” 

The book is sold at Canyon Books, and will be on sale at the Glendale Apple Festival on October 11.