The Utah Rock Art Research Association (URARA) will hold their 34th annual Symposium October 10-13 in Kanab, Utah. They expect more than 200 people in attendance. The four-day event includes two days of field trips around the Kanab area, and two days of presentations, in addition to other activities. Friday will be a day of fieldtrips, ending with a watermelon social at Jacob Hamblin Park at 7 p.m. Saturday will begin the speaker’s portion of the Symposium. Tools Sessions and business meeting will take place when the presentation sessions on Sunday, October 12 have finished. Monday will conclude the Symposium with another day of field trips.

The keynote speaker for this year’s symposium is Steve Freers, who has been involved in rock art research and conservation for the past 25 years. He is co-author of two books on rock art, Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region, and Fading Images, a book on southern California rock art. He served for five years as the senior editor of the American Rock Art Research Association. Other presenters include Matt Zweifel, Don Christensen, Von Del Chamberlain, Richard Jenkinson, David Sucec, Nal Morris and Ekkehart Malotki.

The Sunday Tools sessions consist of breakout training sessions on GPS, site documentation, DStretch software and acoustic documentation.

URARA is excited to visit Kanab since it is home to great varieties and styles of pictographs and petroglyphs, from Archaic to Barrier Canyon, Grand Canyon Polychrome, Ancestral Puebloan, Cave Valley, Paiute and waterglyphs.

URARA is a non-profit organization whose mission is “To lead in the preservation and understanding of the value of rock art; To encourage the appreciation and enjoyment of rock art sites; and To assist in the study, presentation, and publication of rock art research.” 

Each year they hold their symposium in a different town or city around the state of Utah. The Symposium’s Saturday and Sunday’s speaker sessions will be at the Kanab Middle School, 690 South Cowboy Way. 

URARA welcomes new members and encourages those interested in learning more to attend the symposium and view their website for more information. Forms for registration are in the URARA newsletter, at