Russell Clarkson, a 17-year-old senior at Kanab High School, has recently been offered the chance of a lifetime. He has been accepted to be a participant in the Impossible to Possible youth expedition (i2P), where youth ambassadors from all over the world come together through their passion for running. They learn new and exciting things as they run in diverse locations.

This particular expedition (the Lost Coast Expedition) will be held in the redwood forests of California, and the runners will navigate approximately 26 miles every day for five-six days. Clarkson will be running with three other youth ambassadors, two from Canada and one from the United States. Their ages range from 16-21, and they will have 10 or 11 other adults with them as staff.

At the end of each day, after learning things about the environment and ecosystem they’ve been running in, there will be “class time” where they video chat with classrooms all over the world, from China to Australia.

Clarkson got excited about doing youth expeditions as a freshman in high school, when the founder of i2P, Ray Zahab, spoke at KHS after running the Sahara Desert. Clarkson tried applying to do an expedition as a freshman, but the minimum age to apply is 17 (his current age).

This race is unsupported, meaning that the runners carry their gear (about 50-60 pounds) on their backs while running. During the course, there will be a one to two day period when the elevation change will be 3,000 feet from sea level up into the high mountains. The expedition will be completely cost free – airfare, food, gear and all other necessities will be paid for by Impossible to Possible.

The expeditions start date is October 24. Clarkson will fly out of Las Vegas to San Francisco, and proceed to drive to the mountain range on the California coast.

Russell is the son of Dan and Stephanie Clarkson.