The Kane County Commissioners held a work session, followed by a regular session, on September 22. Proposed changes to the Land Use Ordinances were discussed, with some amendments and changes made before the regular session.

Resolution 2014-15 was approved for an amended agreement on the Maintenance of U.S Forest Service roads on the Dixie National Forest.The change adds the route through Meadow Canyon and Crawford Canyon roads north of Deer Springs to the county line. It gives joint responsibility for maintenance.

Resolution 2014-16 was approved, requesting the recertification of Kane County Justice Court Judge Gary Johnson.

The commissioners approved Ordinance 2014-17, an Amendment to Chapter 27 of the Land Use Ordinance. Valid existing rights are defined, also existing and grandfathered in. Counsel from County Grazing Consultant Lamar Smith was added. Additions included state’s authority, state managing wildlife on federal BLM land, adaptive management and monitoring, utilization and how uses are defined, flexibility in grazing management plans, reasonable fencing and water development on allotments (with allotment closures, specific grounds are addressed with scientific evidence), and work with the coordinated resource management plan.

Also approved was Ordinance 2014-18, an amendment to Chapter 21 of the Land Use Ordinance; the Rural Unimproved Subdivision, the dividing of land in unincorporated areas in the county. More definitions are given and improvements are the responsibility of owners or developers and not Kane County. If and when such time the developer/landowner had met county standards for specifications with infrastructure and they have been formally accepted by the county, these notations should be removed from the plat. County acceptance does not infer the county will upgrade beyond the standard of its acceptance.

Kanab City Mayor and Kane County Planning Commission member Robert Houston expressed concern that the county could potentially have dry subdivisions with lots of buildings. He expressed concern about the future, stating people from out of the area could “buy cheap land.” If someone develops, there should be roads and a water system.

Commissioner Dirk Clayson said that would bring the price of property up. We would be pricing out local people, which would mean a tax increase.

Commissioner Jim Matson said the amendments they just added would protect property values.

The commissioners approved the added change to Ordinance 2014-19, an amendment to Chapter 1 of the Land Use Ordinance, which defines group home as five or more persons who are not related living in the same home with one kitchen.

Also approved was a $40,000 package for the County Seat (Channel 4) weekly programming. It was decided to make better utilization of the program by making assignments. Commissioner Clayson will take care of the county ads and Commissioner Matson will take care of issues. They will make this a regular monthly item at work meetings.

During the report section, Commissioner Doug Heaton announced a Grass Roots March horseback ride simulating the Pony Express. The ride is from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. The purpose is to take a petition on Land Use and Grazing and the Transfer of Public Lands to States. They are scheduled to be in Salt Lake about October 1. Contact Commissioner Heaton for more information. They will stop along the way for rallies.

During the public input section, Charlie Saba suggested the county could change the application process for rural unimproved subdivisions. The commissioners said they see legal problems with the county being selective.