As a high school student, Brenan Jackson went to the old high school/middle school right here in Kanab, which then accommodated students from 7th-12th grade. He played tennis, football, basketball, baseball, wrestled, ran track, played the lead of Lieutenant Cable in the musical South Pacific, played in the band, and took first place in the regional cooking competition at SUU for the best quiche.

After graduating from Kanab High School, he attended two years of school at UVU, after which he and his wife Lisa moved to SUU in Cedar City. It was there that he got his teaching license; majoring in physical education, with a minor in history and science. He graduated in May of 1990.

He raised his family of two daughters and three sons in Manti, where he was the Assistant Superintendent of the South Sanpete School District. His duties included transportation and funding for the district vehicles, teacher certification, as well as all instruction and testing.

Now that he’s back in Kanab, his goals for KHS include continuing to create a cohesive faculty that works well together, and increased professional development opportunities for teachers to improve instruction. His main focus is that every student knows he cares about them, and they have adults in their lives who truly care. “My goal is to reach out and bond and develop a mutual respect with every student,” Principal Jackson stated.

Principal Jackson came to KHS right as the A/B block schedule was being introduced. He says that it allows for more opportunities in the arts, hands-on and CTE classes. He adds that kids who don’t usually fit into a rigorous curriculum have an opportunity to develop their passion for hands-on and creative experiences. Some of the challenges have been for students and teachers not seeing each other every day, but for the most part the good outweighs the bad.

Principal Jackson says a history of the community, passion for education from parents, as well as highly educated teachers who care about their students both inside and outside of school, creates a healthy environment where students can thrive. Part of that would be having a school culture that wants to educate the child not only academically, but in all aspects so they are well rounded. He’s always loved Kanab and the people in it. Living in a community like Kanab with great people, helps create great people.