So many people know the Henderson family. Anyone who knows Colt or Karin usually know them for their contagious smiles, great attitudes or (let’s be honest) their height! They have been very involved in all of our local communities, from Colorado City all along the route to Alton, and beyond. Whether you know them through their insurance business or another of the many ways they are out and about showing their support and getting involved, they do leave an impression on everyone they meet.

Unfortunately, their oldest daughter, River Joy, who just turned eight this summer, was recently diagnosed with a serious form of liver cancer. This amazing and sweet girl is touching the hearts of many through her examples of faith, testimony and quiet strength.

The family wishes to express their gratitude for the outpouring of love from all the communities that make up their home here in northern Arizona and southern Utah.

Anyone wishing to contact them can do so online through Caring ( on Facebook at River Henderson’s Battle or Sister River Joy’s Mission.

Accounts have been set up at our local Mountain America Credit Union, as well as online at ( to help out.

Those willing to show support by organizing some fun family-based activities in our communities are encouraged to get in touch with Ginger Rasmussen at