The Kane County Land Use Authority’s monthly meeting was held Wednesday, June 10, 2009. Chairman Jim Baker brought the meeting to order. Administrator Gary Smith presented the next project for the panel to consider, reviewing, revising and refining the chapters and definitions of the Kane County Land Use Ordinances. 

The Land Use Ordinances are established by the Land Use Authorities with the intent and purpose to promote the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity, and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Kane County. A public hearing is required for any revision to an ordinance.

The first item on the Agenda: A public hearing for the revision to Land Use Ordinance Chapter 3. Appeal Authority (new name for the Board of Adjustments). One of the major revisions to this chapter is in Section 3-1; “The Kane County Appeal Authority shall consist of one person and shall be appointed by the Kane County Commission for a term of five years. Appointee may be removed, for cause, by the appointing authority upon written charges which are reviewed at a closed session of the Kane County Commission.” Formally the board consisted of five members and involved scheduling problems along with some legal issues. Changes to wording throughout the Chapter were suggested by the panel members and notated by Administrator Smith. There were no objections from the public. Revision approved with amendments

Public hearing: Mark and Lynn Dreitzler of Duck Creek Village requested a zone change from F-R ∏ (Forest Recreation) to C-2 (Commercial) to put a Dental office in their garage on N. Movie Ranch Rd. Smith stated all the paperwork was in order. There were no objections. Zone change approved.

Administrative: A Conditional Use Permit was approved for InSite Towers, LLC for the installation of a 195 ft. guyed communications tower in Section 12 TWP 41 South Range 9 West, near the Buffalo Ranch off Highway 9. The proposed tower will comply with the regulations and conditions as required by all agencies involved. Smith stated all the paperwork was in order.

A Conditional Use Permit was requested by Constance and Kenneth Rogers to live in a camper on their property on Kimberly Way during planning and construction of residence. Septic system, water, power and building permits are in order. The request was approved. The Rogers were advised the permit would be valid for a six-month period.

Randy Little DBA Randy’s Auto Body Shop located at 1580 S 40 W requested a Conditional Use Permit. Smith explained the use of the building has not changed, it is a reactivated business but a Conditional Use Permit was never issued. Current zoning is M-1. All paperwork is in order. Permit approved. 

A request for a Parcel Joinder, within a subdivision plat was submitted by James Atkinson of Movie Ranch Enterprises LLC re: Lot 105 and part of lot 106, Movie Ranch Subdivision, Unit A. Reason for request: Lot 106 is not very wide since the east 40 ft. was incorporated into a county road for access to the north and east. Adding the remainder of lot 106 to lot 105 would make a more useable lot.  

Both lots are zoned commercial. The panel members were in agreement, since all the paperwork is in order, the request is recommended for approval by the County Commissioners.

Smith proposed reviewing several chapters of the Land Use Ordinances at each monthly meeting and revising as necessary. Terril Honey suggested, as part of the project, to make sure the definitions are in accordance and make reference to the provisions of the Land Use Ordinances.