Commissioner Jim Matson reported he has been contacted by several other counties (Garfield, Iron and Washington) to form a joint resolution opposing the closing of so many Forest Service roads.

The Forest Service continues to close roads and add more restrictions. After some discussion, Kane will issue its own resolution, and check other southern counties to see if they would like to be included. The county will work with the state Attorney General, and review legal steps.

Sheriff Lamont Smith asked, “Are we going to end up in the same situation as we did several years ago with the BLM over removal of signs?”

Kane did prevail with the legal process, but not before several were indicted first. The commissioners agreed Kane does not want to put anyone through that. The resolution is not yet ready to adopt. It will specify roads, rights of way, restrictions, impacts and time limits.

The changes in Chapter 6 Residential Zones are ready for adoption, but the commission could not act on it, because it was not advertised as an ordinance change. The changes made will update to federal regulations. The State Code was out of compliance. This will be on the next agenda.

Craig Hansen updated the commissioners on Kane County Care and Share programs and senior centers. Hansen outlined some of the grants received and some that are still pending. These grants cover operation costs and wages. Hansen reviewed current projects such as remodeling in Big Water, and adding a bathroom that will be shared by the post office. The waiting room for Care and Share in Kanab is being improved. Estimated households receiving Care and Share are: 80 in Kanab, 22 in Big Water and 16-18 in the Valley.

The senior centers have received a nutritional grant to upgrade new floors and fixtures for the Kanab Senior Center and new cabinets in the Valley. The grant is from Five County Association of Governments. Care and Share is working to help in Big Water. There is a need to replace one of the trucks that delivers Meals on Wheels.

The commissioners were complimentary to Hansen and his programs. He replied that he has a good staff to help with follow through.

The inter-local agreement with Kanab City for legal services at $35,000 was adopted.

In other business, Sheriff Smith thanked the Chamberlains for allowing use of their property for the Harris Memorial held on Tuesday, August 26.

At the public input section, Martin Greenbank, 8 Mile Gap, wanted to know if the Kanab Airport could handle commercial flights. The airport can handle smaller commercial flights, but need more volume for regular commercial flights.