June 15, the Kanab Archaeology Project (KAP) will begin a two-week Field School Study investigation supervised by Professor of Anthropology Emily Dean from Southern Utah University. According to Barbara Frank, SUU’s Curator of Archaeology and Co-Director of Field Studies, “we are excited to be in Kanab and are extremely happy at the positive community outreach and response in support of this project”. Frank also stated, “this will be an amazing learning experience for everyone involved; it is a superior location that hasn’t been disturbed.” 

The Kanab Archaeology Project (KAP) is about to begin an amazing regional exploration of prehistoric Basket Maker/ late Pueblo and Southern Paiute settlements on private land along Kanab Creek.  The new organization, backed by the non-profit Wildfire Foundation, is dedicated to “bringing the past back into our future” through education, exploration, and preservation. 

The big picture includes the eventual construction of an interactive museum and repository respecting native history with teaching facilities, vocational and public programs.

On June 24, students, parents and anyone interested in the archaeology project are encouraged to learn more, and visit activities at the site.  As KAP Chairman Bill Welsh says, “It could be a good way for students, for all of us, to learn more and to increase our knowledge; cultural awareness and respect for those who came before and to recognize the descendants that still live here today. It is of amazing importance in the understanding of the cultural significance, to remind us, that with out the amenities we have today, these Indigenous People, with strength of character, strength of vision, were able to live, work, laugh, sing, and endure in this area, where we now live.”

Special activities for the Kanab community begin on June 24, at 8 a.m. at the Kanab City Library with a student education session on the ancient Anasazi and “what is archaeology” followed by a field trip to the site where they can observe archaeology students from SUU hard at work (parents invited).

Students of all ages are encouraged to attend but must have a signed parent’s permission form (provided at the library), before going on the field trip.

That evening a special community symposium will take place at the Kanab City Library at 6 p.m. presenting a project brief, site etiquette and historic information.  The community symposium will reconvene the next morning at 8 a.m. at the library parking lot and attendees will be taken on a supervised tour of the archaeological site.

KAP expresses appreciation for the generous support from the organizations that are making this discovery and exploration happen including CEBA (the Center for Education, Business, and the Arts), Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Kanab, Garkane, AmeriGas and Johnson Rentals in Fredonia for their contributions in providing for the needs of the Field Study team. 

Special recognition is given to Savage Point Development and Milo McCowan for providing accommodations for the field study team.

*June 24:  Student (and parents) Education and Archaeological Field Trip Kanab City Library, 8:00 a.m. – must have parent permission form.

•Community Educational Symposium on KAP and the Field School Study Kanab City Library, 6:00 p.m.

•June 25: Community Educational Symposium Conducted Site Visit Kanab City Library Parking Lot, 8:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact: KAP Chairman Bill Welsh: (435) 689-2182, KAP Chairman John Jorgensen: (435) 689-1918, Don Sprecher, Programs Liaison/Wildfire Foundation: (435) 689-1903.