Liz Adair, award-winning author and local resident, announces the launch of her newest book, Trouble at the Red Pueblo, a Spider Latham mystery set in the Kanab/Fredonia area.

This is Adair’s fourth mystery featuring millwright-turned-deputy-sheriff Spider Latham. The book is set during Kanab’s popular Western Legends Roundup, and Adair has woven the town’s festivities into the unfolding mystery.

“I moved back to Kanab two years ago,” Adair says. “I went to high school in Kanab and Fredonia, but I didn’t appreciate this wonderland as an adolescent. Now I want to tell everyone about it. I plan to set all my books in this area from now on.”

The Red Pueblo in the title refers to the Red Pueblo Museum in Fredonia. The museum houses a private collection of local Anasazi artifacts presided over by Dixon Spendlove. “Dixon was very supportive when I wanted to use the museum as a setting,” Adair says. “He suggested I use what he calls ‘the cache’ as a part of the plot. It’s a group of things he found in a cave in the area that includes a Spanish saddle dating to the sixteenth century, a muzzle loader, a brass match case, and a lady’s hankie.”

When asked to categorize her mystery style, Adair says, “It’s kind of like Miss Marple meets Wyatt Earp. Spider is a south westerner. He’s laid back, capable, and resourceful, but he’s also full of doubts about his abilities and finds himself in over his head a lot of the time because he has had no training in being an investigator.” She adds that one reviewer compared her style to Tony Hillerman.

Trouble at the Red Pueblo is available locally at Canyon Books. “They’re taking pre-orders right now,” Adair says. “They’ll have books in stock on July 30.” The book is also available on Amazon in both Kindle and soft cover formats and at Barnes and Noble in the Nook format.

Adair says she is working with the Kane County Office of Tourism to see if tourist venues will be interested in stocking books for sale to people visiting Kanab. “I’m trying to weave points of interest into the

plot so people who visit and buy the book will take a bit of southern Utah home with them,” Adair says.

The launch party for Trouble at the Red Pueblo will be at the Red Pueblo Museum in Fredonia on Wednesday, July 30, 7 p.m. (AZ time). The public is invited to see the museum and celebrate the launch. Adair will read a short passage from the book at 7:30 p.m., and she’ll be giving homemade apple pies and books away as door prizes right after that. Books by Liz Adair will be on sale, and the author will be available to sign copies.

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