The Fredonia Town Council was presented with everything from rodeos to landfills on Tuesday, June 9.

The meeting began with public comment by Mark Overas. He informed the council of the upcoming Jacob Hamblin Days, explaining the variety of events, including a BBQ and ranch rodeo.

Bob Eichenger of Kimley-Horn Associates along with Dino Desimone and Kyle Spencer of NRCS presented their findings and recommendations for the Fredonia Retarding Structure (the dam).  Currently, the structure is classified by FEMA as a top priority because it would not be capable of adequately protecting the town if a flood occurred.

After years of researching the situation, Eichenger narrowed the options for the dam down to four. The most feasible and cost effective of the four choices would be to decommission the dam by converting it into a levee.  In order to do this, engineers would create flow-ways from the dam through Pop’s Wash and Saw Mill Wash to Kanab Creek. 

The proposed project has a $4.3 million price tag, but was evaluated by NRCS as being the most cost effective alternative. Because the entity will be providing 65% of the funding, they evaluate each option and will only fund the one they believe, “gives the most bang for the buck,” as Desimone stated.  He also expressed more funding was available for the project through various grants and by possibly partnering with Coconino County.

Council agreed the decommissioning plan was the best option for the community. Kimley-Horn will now draft a plan to be completed by July 20, 2009.  Council will have the opportunity to approve the plan prior to release for public review.

The Arizona Strip Landfill budget was presented for approval.  Town Manager Tom Corrigan expressed concerns about the budget and possible mismanagement of funds. “We have ordered over 200 new cans in the last 5 years,” explained Corrigan, “I know we haven’t had that many new customers.” 

Corrigan informed the council he would like to have Town Auditor Lee Esplin look at the landfill’s books.  He stated he would look into options for the town to “get out of the landfill.”

One option may be to hire out trash pick-up and pay Kane County to use their landfill. Council directed Corrigan to explore all options.

Also discussed and approved by council, were the 2006 International Building Codes, Matt Hodges as summer recreation program coordinator, and sign variance for Jan Judd’s western town sign at Judd Auto.