On June 27, the Kane County EMS team accepted delivery of their new 2014/2015 Horton diesel ambulance. Kane County Hospital Ambulance Manager Stuart Willoughby explained, “The chassis is a 2015 and the box is a 2014.”

According to Kane County Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya, the new Horton will be replacing a 1993 Ford. Pandya stated, “The 1993 is on its second engine, which has logged 73,000 miles. No telling how many actual miles it has seen.” She went on to comment, “We had trouble with power on the old ambulance. It was not a turbo, and really struggled on inclines.”

The new turbo-charged Horton is fitted with a hydraulic system, allowing the back to lower for easier patient loading. The interior is lined with aluminum cases, which have glass windows. This set-up will withstand the rigors of emergency responses. All in all, it will be a better situation for patients and responders.

This new ride comes with a price tag of $175,000. That does not include supplies, backboards or any other equipment. The Utah Emergency Medical Services Grant program supported the purchase with $20,000 and KCH was responsible for the remainder.

Kane County EMS responded to approximately 560 ambulance calls in 2013. Its geographic area responds from Alton, through the Valley, Cedar Mountain, Kanab, Big Water, Jacob Lake, Fredonia and west to Pipe Spring and the Moccasin area. There is a great working relationship with the Grand Canyon National Park system, and Colorado City EMS is exceptional at responding when they are asked for assistance.