By Myrna Cox

This year on the Fourth of July, let us pause and reflect on the reason we enjoy the freedoms we have today. So many, from the beginning of the America as we know it, have fought, sacrificed, willingly defended and died for this country.

Let us pause as the fireworks fly and burst with blasts of sound and amazing light, about the night that Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the words of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Francis Scott Key,  a lawyer, was attempting to negotiate with the British as their fleets were in the harbor, waiting for orders to blast and destroy the American Flag. They tried all through the night to bring it down. That Flag, Old Glory, the one we honor and love so well, stood through the night. It was on a slant, but still standing. Do you know why? The bodies of those who defended it that long, horrific night were stacked against that flag, which kept it from falling. 


The Dawn’s Early Light


By Myrna Cox


Oh, say can you see

The fireworks on high,

As they light up the night,

On the fourth of July?


Bombs bursting in air

Set forth from the sea

Inspiring the thoughts

Of Francis Scott Key.


Don’t lower the flag

At the British demand

“Dear God,” Patriots prayed

“Please, let it stand.”


Let the fireworks shout

In remembrance this night

Of the flag, over the Ramparts

With its stars shining bright.


When you take in the show

As bombs burst from the sea

Recall – sweet refrains

From Francis Scott Key

Let your heart ponder,

“Oh Say Can You See.”