The June 24 Republican Primary Election featured only one decision on the ballot – vote for and retain current Kane County Treasurer Georgia Baca, or support challenger and CPA Ben Beckstead.

Republican voters chose to retain Baca, 560-446. With a total of 1006 votes cast, with an astounding 41.93% (Republican) voter turn-out, the win was decisive.

There are 11 voting precincts in Kane County. Besides those in Kanab – Cedar Mountain, Orderville, Glendale, Alton, Big Water, Church Wells and Bullfrog – also vote in county elections.

This was a Republican Primary featuring two individuals of the same party running against one another. Since both Baca and Beckstead had emerged from the Republican convention without a majority of the vote, it then went to a primary vote. There are no Democrat or Independent candidates registered for the November election for this position. (There could be write-in challengers.)

Baca retains the position she has held for the last seven and a half years. She has worked full time for Kane County for over 25 years; five in the Clerk/Auditor’s Office; 13 years in the Recorder’s Office, and the rest in her current position.