Two resolutions were passed regarding address changes at the June 8, Kane County Commission meeting.  Now there are no duplicate road names in the county.  The purpose was for the 911 grid.  Some road names were changed and some unnamed routes were given names. These changes are the culmination of local input, public hearings and committee recommendations.  All affected have been notified.

 Kay Giles, Travel Council, requested approval for unbudgeted 2009 funds to help pay for the new “Welcome To Kanab” signs.  The signs were budgeted for and approved in 2007 and held over for 2008.  The commission approved $10,000 to honor the county’s obligation. 

However, the commissioners felt it is not the Travel Council or county’s obligation to renew items. It is the event’s responsibility to come back and renew request.  The vote was Habbeshaw and Heaton aye and Hulet voted nay.  His opposition was because there was no follow through from 2007 to present.

 Three grade increases for personnel were approved; Dallas Hoyt, Road Department grade 20-F to 21-F, Marty Hepworth, Road Department, grade 18-E to 19-E and Richard Bulloch, Building and Grounds, 12-D to 13-D.    All were budgeted for when additional training was completed. 

The commissioners requested all departments put together a RIF (Reduction In Force) plan, if revenues do not come in.  All had been budgeted for when additional training was completed. The commissioners will meet with department heads and elected officials to work out a RIF plan and ways for each department to cut back since next year’s budget is getting close.

 The commission acknowledged an increase in Utah Retirement non-contributory rates.  Departments will be asked to include that increase in their budgets. Hulet commended all elected officials and department heads for keeping within their budgets.

 Kane County Assessor Linda Little was granted approval of a new form of stipulations she worked out that will streamline the process for all parties involved.  It is a way to resolve many issues before they end up with the B.O.E. (Board of Adjustments). She was commended by the commissioners for expediting the BOE process.

 A donation of $300 was approved for the North Rim Regulators annual Cowboy vs. Cops shootout on June 13.  All proceeds go the D.A.R.E .program.

 The Tri-Valley Rodeo request for $150 was tabled.  A deal had been worked out with the Lions Club.  The commission will check and see if it was also worked out with the Valley Lions Club.

 A payment of $351 was approved for a UAC (Utah Association of Counties) study. The independent statewide study by the UAC is of expenditures, uses and benefits of the restaurant tax.

 The commissioners tabled the approval of the Court Contract for fiscal year 2009/2010 payment of $126,513 to Kane County.  The 2009 Legislature did not fund any increased to payroll or rent. Also, no cost of living increases were reflected. It was tabled for more specific data.

 A business license was approved for Coldwell Banker Majestic Realty, Duck Creek.

 A request by Utah Division of Water Resources was approved to access to Kane County property to perform non-disturbing field studies associated with the Lake Powell Pipeline.