Xpressweb Internet Services is pleased to announce a merger with South Central Communications. Craig Baird, Owner and Principal of Xpressweb, recently signed an agreement to transfer operations of Xpressweb Internet Services to South Central Communications.

Craig Baird states, “When I formed Xpressweb, my goal was to bring great high speed Internet service to an area that was previously underserved. South Central Communications, under the leadership of CEO Michael East, has taken incredible steps to improve the reliable and affordable high speed Internet service available in Kanab and the Valley.” Baird continues, “South Central is dedicated to dramatically improving Internet services in our area by bringing fiber optics to every home, business, hospital, library and public building – a goal that is in perfect alignment with what we have been striving to accomplish at Xpressweb. This advanced network will put our communities on better technological footing than most cities in the U.S., and will drastically improve the economic viability of our area. With that in mind, I feel it is time for me to pass the baton to South Central Communications, and to do whatever we can to assist them in bringing this to fruition.”

Michael East added, “South Central Communications is committed to providing the highest quality Internet service possible. That is exactly why we are investing over $100 million in our system-wide fiber to the premises build, beginning here in Kanab later this month. However, great service isn’t measured in megabits or even gigabits; it is measured by the customer’s overall experience, from beginning to end. It is in that vein that I am extremely excited to have Craig Baird and Andy Gant become part of the South Central Communications team. These guys built and operated a great company and they are committed to providing great customer service. I am extremely happy to have them join the South Central family.”

Both East and Baird are committed to ensuring the customer’s experience through this administrative transition is seamless. Existing customer rate plans and equipment are expected to remain unchanged into the foreseeable future. According to East, “The customer will not experience any interruption of service caused by the merger. Craig and Andy have operated and maintained the wireless network for years and will continue to do so. I am confident our loyal customers will continue to experience the great level of service they have come to expect from both organizations.”

The merger is anticipated to close on July 1.