Georgia Baca

1) Tell us a little about yourself-education/pertinent work experience/family-

I was born and raised in Kanab, Utah, and graduated from Kanab High School. After high school, I moved to Provo, Utah, where I attended Stevens Henager Business College. I graduated with an associate’s degree in Accounting, with an emphasis in Computer Science. I worked for a year in Provo for Goodwin Enterprises doing the bookkeeping for the businesses that they owned, which were three nursing homes and an ambulance service.

I then returned to Kanab and began working full time for Kane County. I have worked full time for Kane County for 25 years. I worked in the Clerk/Auditor’s Office under Kathy Chamberlain for five years; 13 years in the Recorder’s Office for VerJean Caruso, and for 7-1/2 years, I have been the current Kane County Treasurer.

I have three children, two of my children live here in Kanab. My youngest graduated from Kanab High School in May and is currently going to school in Cedar City.

2) Why are you running for treasurer?

I first ran for Kane County Treasurer eight years ago when the previous Treasurer, Marie Mousaw, decided to retire after her last term. I am currently serving my second term as Kane County Treasurer. I decided to run for this position eight years ago because the type of work that is done in the Treasurer’s office is what I went to college for and I enjoy this type of work. Also, I enjoy working with and for the residents and property owners of Kane County.

3) Can you describe the job?

When most people first hear the words County Treasurer they automatically think of sending out tax notices and collecting property taxes. It is that and so much more. There is a process that needs to be done before the final tax notice can be mailed out to property owners. This process takes four of the county offices to get the final tax notice accomplished. I have worked in three of these offices and it has given me a greater understanding of how the process actually works.

The Treasurer’s Office not only bills and collects taxes for the county, they also bill and collect for all cities, towns and special service districts that lie within Kane County’s boundaries. Once the tax money is collected, it is dispersed to all the different entities that we have billed for. By March 31 of each year, we do a final settlement with the different entities for the tax monies collected. A report also needs to be sent to the State Tax Commission of all money collected and dispersed to the different entities.

The Treasurer’s Office deposits all funds collected throughout the different offices of the county. The funds are deposited per the Utah Money Management Act and reported to the Management Council to insure compliance with the Act.

Each month the Treasurer reconciles all 25 of the county’s different bank accounts and balances with the County Auditor. Also, on a yearly basis, the Independent Auditors go through the books of Kane County to make sure everything is accounted for.

There are other numerous things we do in the Treasurer’s Office. One of those is to help the public. I have enjoyed helping the residents and property owners of Kane County, and hope that I can continue helping them for another term.

4) How much time should be spent on the job as Treasurer, and what office staff is needed?

The Treasurer’s position is a full time position. I have been working full time at this position for 7-1/2 years and will continue to do a full time job. In the office, there is one full time employee, and one part time employee used mainly during tax time October through March.

5) If elected, what changes or improvements (if any) would you implement in the treasurer’s office?

For the past 7-1/2 years, my staff and I have been implementing the changes recommended by the Independent Auditors and any changes that have been made by the State Legislation. Also, we have taken into consideration the suggestions made by our County Commissioners.

As of the last Independent Audit, we have improved the Treasurer’s Office to such a high degree that we were given no recommendations for improvement during the February 2014 audit. Therefore, we in the Treasurer’s Office, must be doing many things right.

By the end of my first term we had in place the ability for the property owners to pay their property taxes with a credit card or e-check. Also, we have implemented the use of credit cards for the Justice Court and District Court. We are currently looking into other county offices going on the system to use credit cards for their services.

There is always possibility of change and improvement. When these have come to our attention, in an efficient manner, we have implemented those changes.