At the Kane County Commission work meeting ono Monday, April 21, Craig Smith, Canyonland’s Attorney, gave a presentation on how a Community Development and Renewal Agency functions by establishing a Taxing Entity Committee. He explained that the agency has no taxing authority. The benefits for this Tax Increment Financing are community redevelopment, economic development and urban renewal projects. Many cities and counties within Utah already use this model.

The first step to create an agency is an ordinance. Smith explained “the agency doesn’t interrupt the status quo, but incentivizes future development.” Amangiri Resort paid $3.5 Million in taxes last year. They have lots of future projects planned, for example, a golf course, condos, etc. They would benefit if Kane County had a Taxing Entity Committee.

The commissioners said they see this as a viable economic tool, but expressed concern about being fair to all. Commissioner Dirk Clayson said, “if we create this agency, we need guidelines for fairness. We want economic development and to be business friendly.”

Commissioner Jim Matson added, “If we set up this agency, we have to determine our goals.”

Jim Milestone, Acting Superintendent of Zion National Park, updated the commissioners on the Park’s Foundation Document, which sets the course for the future of the park with priorities established for the next 10 to 15 years. The main goal is to keep the park “unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” Milestone continued that the shuttle bus has helped with the increase in tourism making Zion National Park the third highest revenue park and the seventh most visited in the U.S.

Ken Sizemore, Executive Director of Dixie Arizona Strip Interpretive Agency, gave an update on the goals of DASIA. Preserve history and provide publications to the public and assist visitors and tourists. Providing publications is DASIA’s main source of income.

Although the plat is recorded, the Steward Duck Creek Subdivision has not been approved because of a fence issue. The Mitchells do not want a fence removed. So right of way is now the issue. Kane County ordinances require 50 feet for the road. The commissioners do not want to set a precedent for less than 50 feet. The solution should come from the developers and property owners impacted.

Attorney Rob VanDyke reviewed proposed changes in the animal control ordinance. With input from the Sheriff’s Department requesting it is clearly outlined for enforcement. Prohibiting acts are specified and the new proposed ordinance is shortened and follows state laws and regulations. New state law has changed animal cruelty from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Kane County employee reimbursement for out of state travels was addressed for addition to the employee handbook.

Ken Gotzen-Berg discussed the decision process awarding the RFP to Love Communications for tourism/travel council media needs. Signature of the contract was recommended.

Karla Johnson updated the commission on recent legislative bills passed.

There was no public input at the work meeting.