What is a Father? He is a fishing partner, a teacher, mentor and guide. He is-- his kid’s best cheerleader at a ball game. He is a tough love kind of guy at times. He is a gentle hand on your head when you need his blessings, a loud voice when you need his reprimand and a gentle giant when he gives his daughter away in marriage.

He is the captain of the ship, a go between when mom is having a melt down, and a listening ear when his son needs some advice. He is charming, when he wants to be and cleans up nice on Sunday. He is a cube of melted butter, when his little grandkids ask for candy or anything else, for that matter. He is the best audience when the little ones are performing and laughs the hardest at their funny jokes. He is favored by all the babies. They love grandpa''s hugs and strong arms.

A father is life’s anchor on a tumultuous sea. He is the calm in the storm and the arm of strength when others falter and struggle. He is the rock of the family and the voice of council to his loved ones. He is the greatest gift a mother can ever have. He is loved he is revered. Happy Father’s Day where ever you are. May God bless and keep you. 


Caption: Grant Craycraft enjoys a father-son moment with his young baby boy, Jayden. Grant is the son of Brenda and Greg Goodnow of Glendale.