Lara Clayson, representing the Kane County Road Biking Committee, gave a presentation on the need to promote safe road biking in and around Kanab City, link local businesses, residential areas and our city trails, and develop highway roautes to nearby scenic destination. Through donations, they have raised $19,000 and many volunteers to help establish the routes. The committee is also working with Kanab City.

Goals to develop biking routes are: 1) Integrate biking into current and future city infrastructure. 2) Attract tourism to promote Kanab as a destination site for biking, as well as link Kanab to other nearby scenic destinations. 3) Encourage health in our community. 4) Educate the community on biking safety and etiquette. Further bond the community with a common interest and goals. All of the goals had strategies to achieve them.

The commissioners were supportive and like the concept as part of economic development. They also were happy to hear no tax dollars were requested. The Bike Committee has set a goal to be either a start or stop city for the seven-day Tour Utah in 2015. This year Cedar City will be both the start and stop city.

The agreement between UDOT/Kane County for a proposed streetlight at US 89 and Alton Road Intersection was approved. The cost to the county will be the power bill for the light, which is minimal.

The commissioners voted to begin the process of filing under the Township Act for parcels currently administered by the Forest Service on Cedar Mountain. Interested also in parcels are: the Kane County Hospital, Kane County School District, Western Kane County Special Service District 2, Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District and Kane County Water Conservancy District. The process must begin with the county filing. Commissioner Doug Heaton offered an apology to former Commissioner Daniel Hulet, who wanted to file for the same area under the Township Act, but was not supported by the other commissioners. Now the county sees the need with future development on the mountain for the 150 parcels in question. Current law also says sewer lagoons cannot be on Forest Service Land, which is another reason.

The Tax Sale Ordinance 2014-2 was adopted. This year there are 63 parcels on the tax sale as of this date. The sale is May 22, at 10 a.m. at the courthouse.

The commission approved the Victims of Crime Advocate (VOCA) application for a $21,000 grant by Sandy Kerr. In 2015, VOCA and Sandy Kerr will work through the county attorney’s office.

The commission approved the annual insurance liability certificate for Kane County regarding the Top of Zion Relay LLC, which will be held later this year.

Michael Kane was reappointed to the East Zion Special Service Board.

The commissioners voted to continue with the Western Counties Alliance, with a fee of $1,500.

There was no public input.

Commissioner Heaton reported that the recent Bundy cattle incident in Mesquite, Nevada, has brought a lot of awareness of Federal Government owned property and for the American Lands Council. The American Lands Council, believes there has been quite a departure from the original Taylor Grazing Act of 1936. Commissioner Matson said that the “Culprit is the Endangered Species Act, which is used as a tool to shut down use of land. In the Bundy case the desert tortoise. Rural counties in the west are facing the same issues, and believe they could be next. An example given for Kane County is the Sage Grouse.

The commission adopted Ordinance 2014-3, repealing Kane County Code Section 1-10-2, which was a minimum taxable value of real property.

The Annexation to East Zion Special Service District resolution was tabled for further information.

There is a possible issue with the Long Valley Sewer District organization. Should a county commissioner be an ex-officio member of the board? Attorney Van Dyke and Commissioner Heaton will investigate.