It was announced at the March 24, 2014 Kane County Commission meeting that Kane County Attorney Jim Scarth tendered his resignation effective April 1, 2014 and plans to retire.

Scarth has had a varying career in Kane County. After serving as Kane County Attorney earlier, he was hired as Deputy Kane County Attorney in 2006 by John Hummel, who was the Kane County Attorney at that time. Hummel then resigned before his term of office was up. The Kane County Commissioners appointed Scarth as the Kane County Attorney in 2007. The public elected Scarth as the Kane County Attorney in January of 2011.

The Kane County Attorney’s office handles prosecution for Kane County and Kanab City, as well as general legal matters. There are two deputy attorneys, Robert Van Dyke and Kent Burggraff.

Deputy Robert Van Dyke was appointed, according to State Code 20A-1-509-3, as the acting Kane County Attorney until a interim attorney can be selected.

Interim appointment State Code 20A-1-509.2 is the procedure for filling a vacancy in a county or district with fewer than 15 attorneys. It is a two-step selection process. The county clerk sends a letter to each of the active attorneys in Kane County: Kirk Heaton, Elizabeth Joseph, Edward Robbins, Robert Van Dyke and Kent Burggraaf, informing them of the vacancy, inviting them to apply for the vacancy with a response time of 10 days from the date the letter was mailed. If, after the 10 days, three or fewer attorneys have applied for the vacancy, the commissioners may appoint one of them to be the county attorney, or they can solicit for additional applicants

The commissioners wanted to thank Attorney Scarth for his years of devoted service to Kane County.

Another agenda item: Federal Rule Making & Permitting Over-Flights of the Grand Canyon National Park. Mark Francis, of Red Tail Aviation, is seeking support from neighboring cities and counties for an application being made to include Utah-based operators in the allocation of commercial air tours flying over the Grand Canyon. Of the original 93,000 allocations, 1,672 have been turned back. The FAA has ruled to give these allocations to the current operators who are based out of Arizona and Nevada.

Red Tail Aviation of Utah would like to expand their business and be able to conduct tours over the canyon as well. The commissioners, by resolution, added their support.