The Pinewood Derby has an entirely new look, thanks to area wards chipping in funds and some talented craftsman. Kenny Robinson engineered the 43-foot, four-lane aluminum derby track, as well as coordinating and integrating the computerized timing system. According to his brother Charlie Robinson, Kenny also called the shots and told Charlie what needed to be done on the “gopher” level. What I was hearing is, it took teamwork to make the track a successful project.

The excitement and enthusiasm has not changed however. Family, friends and supporters of troops 366 and 369 shouted whoops of encouragement from the sidelines as the boys readied their racers and balled their fists waiting for their pinewood racer to cross the finish line. There were some tense expressions on those boys’ faces, but in the end, they just grinned and contemplated what was needed to improve their standing in the next race off.

The next Pinewood Derby races will be held at the North Event Center in Valley on April 9, with events beginning at 9 a.m.

Hats off to Karen Robinson, the official time recorder for this race, and to Lisa Findlay, Cub Scout Committee Chairperson, for their enthusiasm and dedication to the scouting program. Also, job well done by Cub Scout Master Dave Kimball. Prior to the races, he reminded the boys and spectators that sportsmanship was a trait to be admired.