Terra Sue Honey was honored at the Kane County Volunteer Service Recognition at Parry Lodge recently. Current Volunteer Center Director Vickie Hopper presented her with flowers after the following history was read about the how the Volunteer Center was started.

It all began in 2001 when Terra Sue did an ordinary thing by signing up to be an AmeriCorp VISTA volunteer. However, there was nothing ordinary about her service. She was passionate and committed to its mission to improve the lives of individuals in our community. During that year, she focused her efforts to start building the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity to improve health services, foster economic development, and assist our community.

Over the course of 12 years, Terra Sue found and procured four different locations, which she transformed into amazing office spaces, to develop her vision for a Volunteer Center.

We are here today to thank her for her extraordinary dedication and commitment to that vision. We want to applaud her years of service and contribution to our community as she changed from a single part-time Vista Volunteer into full-time Volunteer Director working with the five county program, and then to develop into the Kane County Volunteer Center Director, supporting more than 140 agencies and a family of more the 450 volunteers, as well as the Kane County Event Coordinator.

Terra Sue became very knowledgeable about the programs provided for the Utah Volunteer Centers and when others thought that a program was too challenging, she never backed down from supporting it. In fact, she encouraged others to work with it and make it fit our communities’ needs. Her tenacity, being open to new ideas, and her ability to think outside the box, was always impressive.

There were many annual projects that she helped with such as: Western Legends, the Christmas Festival, CEBA Seminars and Events, Relay for Life, Kanab 10K Run, Toys for Tots, Doc Utah, Amazing Earthfest, Kane County Fair, Mt. Carmel Festival, the Car Show, 4th of July, Symphony of the Canyons, and events held by some of the Volunteer Sites. She worked with and developed volunteer program support for Grand-2-Grand and events held in Zion National Park.

Honey became informed about the programs that were available through the Five County  Association of Governments and worked to make certain those programs were available to Kane County residents.

Working with the Office of Tourism and Economic Development, Terra Sue not only provided volunteer services, but kept leaders informed about what was available through the local Center. She partnered with Emergency Response to offer support and training for volunteers to give service in case of a regional or local emergency. Her duties also included support to the community through the Domestic Violence Program.

Terra Sue procured funding for the Volunteer Center to help supplement funds provided by the county and city to keep it functioning to effectively meet community needs. She also encouraged the utilization of the latest technology and available programs to keep the services and record-keeping current for the Volunteer Center. 

Under Honey’s leadership a website was developed for the Volunteer Center where volunteers could record their own hours and be informed of upcoming events.

Terra Sue worked with the county commissioners and served on several boards to convey information and knowledge concerning the Volunteer Center’s policies, procedures, and new opportunities available to the community. Honey always had a tender heart for those who were in need and did all she could to obtain services to make their lives a little sweeter.

Terra Sue developed into a very capable leader who was mostly self-taught about how to do her job. She worked very hard to get programs for Kane County that were not provided and should have been. She established a vision and understanding of services available through the Volunteer Center to local organizations, event coordinators, volunteers, and government officials in our area. Through Terra Sue’s dedicated efforts, the community gained knowledge of the many resources and help provided by the Kane County Volunteer Center. 

For the past four years, Terra Sue has been the chairperson for the Kanab Relay for Life. Robin Coleman, who has worked with Terra Sue, said, “During that time, she has helped raise over $100,000 for cancer research. She has put in countless hours of volunteer time to help build the relay into the huge community event it is today.”

After working several years on multiple community projects with Terra Sue, John Jacobs remembers one year, “When with only a few days before the annual dinner to raise money for Symphony of the Canyons how Terra Sue stepped in to use her leadership and artistic abilities to transform the Kanab Middle School gym into a place of beauty. John said how selfless Terra Sue was in her service to always go the extra mile, above and beyond what she ever got paid as the director.

During Western Legends, she could be found setting up or taking down even until four in the morning. Working on the Sub for Santa, Toys for Tots program, there were many times, Honey would work late on Christmas Eve to insure that no under-privileged child went without. Or how hard she worked with the BLM on the trails’ projects to promote Kanab. Jacobs said, “There have been hundreds of last minute projects Terra Sue stepped in and helped with, such as the Christmas Parade, shoveling snow for shut-ins, and providing Thanksgiving dinners for the poor. She not only organized volunteers for every project, but she worked on the ground floor right alongside with them.”

In the beginning, you’d never guess that Terra Sue Honey, that ordinary woman, could change Kanab by creating a Volunteer Center! However she did! She changed our world for the better! And we thank her for it!