Please plan on attending your local neighborhood caucus meeting on March 20, 2014, at 7 p.m.

Every two years, you have the freedom to make your voice heard. The neighborhood caucus elections serve as an important opportunity to meet with your neighbors to discuss important issues related to our state and nation. You will be able to express your opinion on these issues and play an integral role in choosing our candidates for elected office.

The Kane County Republican Party Neighborhood Election Caucus night is taking place at the following locations:

•Kanab 1: Kanab Elementary School

•Kanab 2: District Courtroom, Kane County Courthouse

•Kanab 3: Kanab Library

•Kanab 4: Kanab Middle School

•Alton: Town Hall

•Glendale: Town Hall

•Orderville: City Building

•Big Water: Big Water School

•Cedar Mountain: Fire House

•Church Wells: Church Wells Fire Department

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