Kanab High School is proud to announce that Chad Castagno is the new head basketball coach at KKS for the upcoming school year. Castagno graduated from Kanab High School in 1999. He thoroughly loves Kanab and says, although he isn’t originally from Kanab, he got to Kanab as quickly as he could. He hopes to never leave.

Coach Castagno assisted Coach Hal Hamblin at Kanab High last season. For the previous five years, he was the girls’ head basketball coach at Valley High School.

Coach Castagno said, “I’m extremely honored to be the new head coach here at Kanab. I’m excited to build a program that I hope will be a good representation of the great city of Kanab on and off the court. I’ve had many mentors in coaching and in my life.”

Castagno added, “I would like to thank my coaches – Hal Hamblin, Klint Glover and Gary Glover. I would also like to thank the coaches that I coached with at Valley High School – Mac Roundy, Sheldon Roundy, Ferril Heaton and Joe Sorenson.”

“I have enjoyed coaching with Hal Hamblin and Kevin Orton this past season. These eight men have taught me a great deal of knowledge about the game of basketball, but they have taught me even more about life.”

“I would also like to thank my wife, Angie Castagno, for putting up with me. And a special thanks to Principal Brenan Jackson for this incredible opportunity. Becoming the head basketball coach at Kanab High School is a dream come true!”

To help build the program, Coach Castagno is starting the 10,000 Made Shot Club. This opportunity is available for all kids in third-12th grade. In order to be in the club, a player must make 10,000 shots from now until school starts in August. All players who reach the goal of 10,000 shots and keep a progress record will receive a T-shirt, a basketball, and free admittance into any high school boys’ or girls’ basketball game.