IAPFilms, in association with Kanab Creek Journals, will be premiering their latest documentary on Saturday, March 15, just before the award show for this year’s Little Hollywood Shootout. The documentary presents some of Kanab, Utah’s unique history as the first incorporated city in the U.S. to have an all women town council.

The film, entitled “America’s First All Women Town Council,” will premiere at the Kanab City Library at 4 p.m. on March 15, and the filmmakers and re-enactors will be on hand for a Q&A. The event is open to the public, and participants of the Little Hollywood Shootout and DVD’s will be available for purchase.

The premiere is a part of a larger effort to expand the guerrilla filmmaking competition into a filmmakers retreat which provides entertainment, education and networking opportunities to participants and the community. Kanab has a rich history as being Utah’s Little Hollywood. The Little Hollywood Shootout is taking aim to bring some of that grandeur back to the area and expect the event to expand over the coming years to become a sought after independent film making event. To kick things off, we have Warren Workman and Robert Trim as special guests for our education series.

About the Documentary

At a time when women’s suffrage was being debated and fought for on a national level, the election of an All Women Town Council in a small, rural Utah town began as a prank. A few men in the community thought it would be a good joke to ask the citizens of Kanab, Utah, to vote for an all woman ticket. One of the men said, “I’m tired of hearing all the women complain, so they might as well run things.”

As circumstances would have it, they ran unopposed and were elected on November 11, 1911. They were sworn into office on January 2, 1912, and fulfilled their term of office until January 2, 1914. They served with honor, dignity and accomplished many needed improvements, having the support of their husbands and the community.

To commemorate the 100-year anniversary and to honor the ladies of the first All Women Town Council in America in an incorporated city, a group of local Kanab City ladies produced a charming vignette which they presented to many audiences throughout Utah. The re-enactments are based on historical documents, including meeting minutes and journals. The documentary is produced for your enjoyment, to preserve the events of that time in history, and most of all to honor the ladies; Luella McAllister, Blanche Hamblin, Mary Chamberlain, Tamar Hamblin and Ada Seegmiller.