The Western Kane County Special Service District is making final preparations to broadcast the remaining available digital television channels into Kanab on Wednesday, June 10.  Most of the available channels are already being broadcast from the translator sites near Tod’s Junction and from the Black Hill. 

The Orderville site will be completed for digital broadcasting in about two weeks.  When completed, there will be approximately twenty channels available in digital and high definition formats for the Kane County area. 

Hopefully, everyone is ready for the digital change-over which has been announced and scheduled for over a year.  For complete information on the available channels and status of the translator sites in Kane County, go to

A limited number of analog channels will continue to be broadcast from the Kanab translator site for a short time.  If you don’t have a television set with a digital tuner, you will need to purchase a converter box to change the digital signals back to analog for your television set. 

The FCC coupon program is still in effect.  The coupons are available and are worth $ 40.00 when applied to the purchase of a digital-to-analog converter box.  The least expensive converter boxes are around $ 50.00.  Additional information on that program is available at the above website or by calling (1-888-388-2009). 

If you need information that is not available at the website, you can call the Western Kane County Special Service District at (435) 644-5089.