My son and his family have been traveling to Mexico on humanitarian missions the past several years. This year, I had an opportunity to go and see first hand what is happening with the Families Helping Families organization. I decided to share a journal entry, hoping it would express my feelings and the overwhelming need of the people in Rocky Point, Mexico

December 26, I am looking out the French doors from a wide and spacious building.  Safe and warm, with all of the modern conveniences known to man. The high-rise condo from the eleventh story is overlooking the ocean. The grounds below are immaculately groomed with flowers blooming and shrubs green and thriving. The world is good. Really? As I look back across the desert to the southeast, I recall the past several days as I visited the impoverished places at Rocky Point. No! All is not well.

I recall the rows and rows of makeshift structures, improvised from cardboard, pieces of metal, dirty ragged quilts, scraps of almost anything to make life a little more bearable, as the residents exist day to day to find food and shelter from the elements.

A vivid memory stands out in my mind as I see the small brown hands reaching for anything to make their existence a little more tolerable. Children begging, lining the streets with pleading faces and enough English to convince others of their desperate situations, seems to cloud my vision of comfort and the pleasures of a life I have always known, but failed to totally appreciate. 


Then it struck home. We are making a difference. I realized the reason for the humane efforts that I have been a part of and have experienced the joy of watching 40 families as they built four homes in two and one half days. Cinderblock by cinderblock, I watched the women, children and men shoveling, stacking, sweating and struggling to complete the task of doing their part to get homes ready for people who desperately need the help.

The greatest joy was watching as a young family was presented with a finished, furnished home.

Ladies from the Families Helping Families decorated and added the finishing touches, arranging the furniture that had arrived from Utah. There was everything from beds, dishes, tables, couches, wall hangings and decor, as well as a refrigerator stocked with food.

As we gathered and looked on as the young man accepted the keys to his new life, I realized this was a life-changing moment for the Blovic family. It was also a life-changing moment for myself, as well. The young mother had recently given birth to a baby, in the most dire circumstances. Now, they could enjoy life in a new home with a new hope for the New Year. 

Note: The families we visited who received homes last year were so proud to let us in. Their homes were clean and well kept. The families who receive homes are required to help with labor for the other homes being built. They are happy and willing to come and be a part of the construction, as they know the feeling of the life-changing experience.