In 1914, Secretary of Interior Franklin K. Lane delivered a speech for a Flag Day celebration. He claimed the American flag had spoken to him prior to his speech. Of the flag, he said, "I am what you make of me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol or yourself."

 As Americans celebrate Flag Day, perhaps they will give a moment to reflect and ponder on this country as a free land and a home for all who claim citizenship in America. The words of Franklin K. Lane place some responsibility on the people in this country. What kind of symbols do we represent to our families, our fellow citizens and other countries?

As I personally reflect on my own lack of patriotic responsibility,  I realize part of the problems of this great country belong to each of us.

We can start by instilling an attitude of patriotism in the hearts of our children. If the flag does fly with dignity, then it can fly as a symbol of who we are as Americans. Unfortunately, if it flies with bitterness, and distrust , it is also a symbol of who we have become as a people.

What are we doing to honor and give due respect to our country? My community is great at flying the flag on so many occasions. Hopefully on the 14 of June, we will take a moment to ponder and reflect on the great land we call America.


America My Land

By Myrna Cox

I have seen your  splendid canyons

Painted by the hand of God.

I have watched your blooming deserts

Where "muley" deer have trod.


I have watched an eagle circle

Far above the canyon wall.

And sat upon a moonlit knoll

Heard a coyote''s lonesome call. 


I''ve listened to your whispering pines

And swam your flowing streams.

Felt the coolness of your mountain breeze

While pondering on life’s dreams.


To watch your wildflowers bloom

translucent, across your plains,

Rejoicing in your grandeur

To feel your summer rains.


Oh, my dear America

How you have touched my heart

Have given me sweet freedoms

Of life''s goodness to impart.


For every special goodness,

Life’s freedoms from your hand

I''ll always love  you, America!

My own, my native land.