This year the KHS Drama Club is doing something a little different. We have written our own play with our director, Linda Alderman, based on an improvisational game called Two Worlds.

What is Two Worlds? In this game you have two groups, one on either side of the room or stage. In the middle, you have two chairs creating a “portal.” One person in each group creates a world where they interact with a person from the other “world,” who conforms to the world. The first person then goes through the portal into the other group’s world and so on.

In the play however, we created a little twist: although we have created our own worlds, there are a few worlds you may recognize. This play is a musical, featuring songs from some popular musicals. These musicals, and the people singing them (*KMS students), are:

“Popular” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Wicked - *Jayla Stein

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz - *Lizzie Buck

“A New Life” from Frank Wildhorn’s Jekyll and Hyde - Celeste Jacobs

“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera -*Casey Robinson

and “Sing” from Marvin Hamlisch’s A Chorus Line - Josef Stovall soloist, and Ensemble

Performance dates are January 9, 10 and 11 at 7 p.m. at KHS, only $5 per person. Please come and support the KHS Drama Club and all their hard work putting this production together!