It’s a time of new beginnings

To take stock of a clean slate

What is written on it

By you or fickle fate.


It’s a time to glance backward

Or a time to look ahead

A time to reconnoiter

For your spirit to be fed.


It’s a time to take stock

Of the should’ve, could’ve stuff

To make amends, see new friends,

Make sure you do enough.


Like a book that’s yet unwritten,

You hold the pages in your mind

Good thoughts and resolutions

Are yours to seek and find.


So as you think and ponder

In this new year how you live

Let your thoughts be kind and gentle

Your heart be quick to give.


So that when you face the new year

Looking back and counting deeds

Every kindness, every action

Planted fertile growing seeds.


Then each year will bring you closer

If you listen from the start

To becoming like our Savior

Yielding to your gentler heart.