Over 200 students from Valley, Fredonia and Kanab High Schools gathered at Fredonia High School for the annual fall “Reality Check.” This year’s theme was “Winning at the Game of Life.”

The Coconino Association hosts this exercise each year for Vocation, Industry and Technology (CAVIAT) and Fredonia High School. The goal of this event is to help students become aware of basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, decision-making, and career planning. The ultimate hope is for students to make realistic educational choices, which will provide for the future they anticipate for themselves and their families.

This event could not happen without the many sponsors and volunteers it takes to host this kind of event. A special thank you to the 50 community volunteers who made this event possible and event sponsors; Fredonia High School, Coconino Association for Vocation, Industry and Technology, Southwest Applied Technology College, Southern Utah University – Education Talent Search and the Town of Fredonia.