American Heroes are among us. We have the honor of shaking hands with some who have brought dignity and sacrifice to our country. We honor those who are gone, whose names on headstones remind us of the integrity of fighting for freedom. The young men and women who grace our presence, whose hearts led them into the battlefields, as they saw a cause greater than life, sometimes misunderstood in their motives to serve.

If you speak with American Veterans, it is almost without exception that they were willing to go into Harm’s Way to protect our country and others. Many felt their service to be a duty and an obligation to do all they could in preserving freedom.

Thank you American Heroes – you are the protectors of life, and the backbone of our nation. We honor you this day and every day. Thank you, Thank you!


To the one who made the final ride,

The one who beats the drum

One who plays the morning taps

Those who fight till “day is done.”


The airman and the seaman

The soldier and the guard

Those whose lives are on the line

On a mission, grim and hard.


Those who honor homeland

The Marine who shipped away

The guard upon the borders,

Who love the U.S.A.


The wounded and the crying

Giving life for each and all

God bless the American Heroes

Those accepting freedom’s call.