The Big Water Dinosaur Days, held last weekend, was a huge hit with 200 to 300 people at any given time enjoying the festivities. People came from all over.

Alexandra Jensen, Rock Springs, Wyo., saw the advertisement on the Internet. Since they were traveling to Arizona, they spent the day in Big Water.

Lindsay and Duncan Mayor, from London, UK, were just driving along, saw the festival and stopped. Lindsay said, “Nice event, we have had such a good time.”

“Educational,” said Kristine from Page, Ariz. Her nine year old daughter Eve said, “It’s really exciting.”

Eve had it right! Dinosaur Days was one of the most kid and family friendly festivals around, with lots of activities geared to children ages two-12. There was a dinosaur dig, dinosaur tar pit, dinosaur costume making, dinosaur drawings for prizes, bounce house and slide, and dancing with the Dinosaur Days mascot Dino. There were even dinosaur droppings for lunch – just kidding – it was really Pepper Bellies. 

Adults and children alike scaled the rock wall, enjoyed the music, and perused the varied booths selling soaps, leather goods, jewelry and more.

With the government shutdown looming, local GSENM employees made sure their dinosaur display was available for their GSE Partners group to man.

Also present were molded representations of the skulls of two dinosaurs discovered on the Grand Staircase Escalante-National Monument; Deinosuchus (a dinosaur-eating alligator growing over 40’ in length), and Diabloceratops (a creature with devil-like horns).

Unfortunately, some planned activities were cancelled due to the recent government shutdown.

Vendors Iris Ptak from Cedar Mountain and Diane Meeks from Mt. Carmel enjoyed the festival and said they would be coming back.

All in all, the inaugural Big Water Dinosaur Festival was the first step to many festivals to come.