During the September 23 Kane County Commission meeting, Bert Harris, Roads Supervisor, and Lou Pratt, GIS/Transportation, updated the commissioners on flooding impacts in the county as a result of the recent rains. The damage is extensive. Main Canyon has gotten worse with each rain by runoff from the areas affected by the Shingle Fire. A lot of logs and debris have plugged culverts, etc. and caused damage. Hole in the Rock and Cottonwood Roads are closed. Smokey Mountain Road has had substantial damage. The commission will pursue a disaster declaration as a result of the extensive flood damage throughout the county.

Jim McConnell, UDOT, and representatives from the Division of Wildlife Resources were present to discuss possible solutions for year round parking near Duck Creek Pond. The goal is to provide year round fishing. Parking along the highway, especially during the winter, is a safety issue. Cars block the highway and block snowplows. There is a plan to provide a parking lot, but that is five years down the road. Highway 14 is narrow in the area of Duck Creek Pond, which adds to the problem.

All parties present proposed snow plowing the lot at the Ranger Station as a possible solution. That means anglers will have a place to park, but will have to walk along the highway to Duck Creek Pond. UDOT will provide ‘No Parking on Pavement‘ signs for safety. Anglers can plan on fishing this winter.

Ken Brown, Western Counties Alliance, updated the commission on the Alliance goals for this year. One goal is to have PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) funding be permanent. They support having the public land transferred to the jurisdiction of states, coupled with counties. They support the reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools program; continue to assist with the planning process to keep sage grouse off the endangered species list; continue assisting counties in protecting their access rights relating to RS2477 roads; oppose any proposed wilderness designation that does not meet the legal definition outlined in the 1964 Wilderness Act; and develop legislation to have all federal revenue that counties are entitled to flow directly to counties, rather than through the state.

There are two board vacancies on the Grand Staircase Escalante-National Monument Advisory Committee: Systems Ecologist and Livestock Grazing Permittee. Both are three-year terms. Contact Larry Crutchfield, BLM, 435-644-1209, or e-mail lcrutchf@blm.gov for information and application. As of this publication date, there are two more weeks to apply.

The commissioners approved Ordinance 2013-9, Chapter 6 Residential Zones, Article E, Recreation Regulations within residential zones. This clarifies some of the wording. There was a discussion on the importance of keeping ordinances up to date on the website and the importance of codification, which is three months behind, keeping current.

The commission approved the Kane County/Kanab City inter-local agreement for prosecution service payments and changes in fine collections. After 90 days, the agreement will be revisited.

The commission approved the Title V Kaneplex application for a curve on the road at the Jackson Reservoir.

Due to Federal Sequestration, Kane County has no Title 3 funds. There was a question of the allocation of those funds, which are nil.

A request for a tax waiver of $17,000 by the Kane County Water Conservancy District was denied. The KCWCD did not own the 15 parcels at the time the delinquent taxes were accrued.

There was no public input.