The short agenda for Fredonia Moccasin school board on January 6 contained some rather exciting items.  The biggest item to be voted on was the possibility of an auditorium for Fredonia Schools.

Recently, FMUSD was informed it would be receiving “Small Secure Rural School Funding” also known as Forestry Fees. 

The funding, according to Superintendent Nicholas Bartlett, “is a very volatile source, so they can get rid of it at any time.” He continued, “It is not a good source of money to use for anything you are going to have on a continuing bases, like salary or things like that, but it is a very good source of funding for a one time shot.”  

Because of this volatility, the district decided to discuss various uses for the funds with its employees.  Once the district’s top priorities were established, a survey was conducted throughout the community to determine which of those priorities would be the best use of the funds.  The results of the survey showed the construction of an auditorium to be at the top of the list.

The Board was concerned that the building would possibly not be used enough to justify the cost, but Bartlett assured them of the many uses for the auditorium.  Not only would it be used for all of the district’s holiday programs, it would be used for speakers, presentations and musical performances.  Graduation would also be held in the auditorium.

“We actually would like to have a drama program,” said Bartlett “…that would mean that it would get used all year long.”

“Besides the fact that it is also a community facility where town meetings can be held, and performances bringing in cultural arts type things that can be provided for the community,” said Bartlett.

With the Board assured of its usage, they unanimously approved the beginning stages of the new auditorium.

Also discussed were the senior class trip and middle school recognition trip. 

The three-day itinerary for the Southern California senior trip was approved.  Students will celebrate graduation at Universal Studios, Hard Rock Café, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Medieval Times and even the beach.  The cost to students is $550.

The middle school recognition trip was designed around 30 tickets to a Phoenix Suns game that were donated to the school by the Suns. 

From now through February, middle school students who meet certain qualifications, from academics to attendance to behavior, will be eligible for the trip to Phoenix for the game.  

Principal Robinson explained the trip would be fully chaperoned and supervised.  The chaperones would use four of the tickets, leaving 26 available for the students.  If more than 26 students qualify for the reward, a separate but equally great reward will be made available. 

The next FMUSD Board meeting will be held Tuesday, February 3 at 7:00 p.m.