The Kane County Fair was a huge success. The new building is a grand addition to the Carroll Arena, and improves accessibility to the events. The exhibits were impressively displayed. The quilt entries were awesome. There are so many talented people in Kane County!

The children’s exhibits were excellent. Congratulations to all entrants who took the time to enter their works of art. The crops were impressive, however Larry Baer’s usual contributions were greatly missed.

The cowboy poetry rodeo was fun and entertaining. Hopefully more will get involved next year and join the poets, who received the newbie’s with open arms.

The livestock show was well attended. Thanks to the great supporters who came with their wallets to support the youth who had spent countless hours caring for their sheep, lambs, goats, pigs and steers.

It’s fun to watch the youth’s livestock showmanship skills. The animals seem to respond quite well to their owners, who have worked all summer to get them fat and ready for sale.

The rodeo was well-attended. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the participants, as well as the Lions Club, who do a great job in sponsoring the rodeo. They also whip up a pretty tasty burger!

The Kane County Fair provided a great week and great feelings, as the communities enjoyed the well-planned and nicely-equipped new building. Many functions can be enjoyed throughout the years to come.

Thanks to the fair committee and everyone who helped to make this year’s county fair a memorable one. Let’s do even better in 2014!