The Kane County Planning Commission held a Legislative Public Hearing on June 12, 2013, to discuss an addition to Chapter 21 of the Land Use Subdivision Ordinances.

Kane County Deputy Attorney Rob Van Dyke and Land Use Administrator Shannon McBride presented the proposed addition to be titled Platted Unimproved Subdivisions. The intent is to clarify and simplify the Land Use Ordinance for now and for the future. It also corrects any inconsistencies and confusion that has existed throughout the years. McBride pointed out the existing ordinance prevents some property owners from getting a building permit.

The proposed new ordinance was created through the combined efforts of McBride, Van Dyke and various departmental officials of Kane County.

Note: Utah State Code Definition: “Subdivision means any land that is divided, re-subdivided or proposed to be divided into two or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plots, or other division of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, for offer, sale, lease, or development either on the installment plan or upon any and all other plans, terms, and conditions.”

Planning Commission Chairman Tony Chelewski and the other five members discussed the proposal and welcomed any public input. Kane County Commissioner Doug Heaton was the Ex-officio. After discussion, the proposal was recommended to the Kane County Commissioners for final approval.

A Request for Zone Change, requiring a Public Hearing, was submitted by Raymond and Sharon Wells with the intended use and reason for zone change: To construct storage units, outside RV storage, a convenience store and gas pumps on Lot #77 of Vermillion Cliffs Estates. As the requested use was not permitted in the Commercial C-1 Zone of the K C Land Use Ordinances, it was necessary for the Wells to submit a zone change to the permitted C-2 Zone.

Lot #77 is located on the South side of Vermillion Cliffs Estates adjacent to Highway 89 at the intersection of Mountain View and Vista Ave (Eight Mile Gap). Wells said he bought the property a few years ago and at the present time he just wants to construct the storage units.

Wells was advised he would have to submit another application in the future to complete his original request. There was no public input. The request was recommended to the KC Commissioners for final approval.

Legislative Public Hearing: Byard Kershaw of the Resource Development Committee and Gary Zabriskie, consultant from Utah Five County Association of Governments, talked about the process in updating the 2011 General Plan and the Resource Management Plan. The minor updates are legislative issues for the Resource Management Development Committee and will not take as much time as the original updating from the 1998 plan revisions.

Administrative: A Preliminary Plat Approval/Development Agreement in Elk Ridge Estates was submitted by Brent Carter of New Horizon Engineering on behalf of Wade Heaton and Mark Jacobs. As a commission member, Wade Heaton excused himself from the voting process and left the room. The five remaining commission members recommended the request to move forward with the final plat process.

Administrative Public Hearing: Request for approval of eight, 5-acre lots as a Rural Unimproved Subdivision located in East Juniper Hills in the Deer Springs area was submitted by TC Engineering on behalf of Clarkson Investments. Commission member Dale Clarkson excused himself from the voting process and left the room. The request was recommended to the Kane County Commissioners for approval.

Legislative: A Lot Joinder within a Subdivision Plat for two lots in the Strawberry Valley Estates was approved for the Abramo family property owners.