The small town of Glendale will pay tribute on Thursday, July 4, in honor of the Grant and Bertha Ramsay family. The Ramsay family was raised in the Valley, nestled beneath the clay hills, orchards and green fields. Widowed mother Bertha worked extremely hard to provide for a large family, after losing her husband, Grant.

Being a very patriotic family, they were willing to serve their country. Six of the nine children were honorable servants of the military. Four of those who lived the military life were involved in combat.

Besides being honorable members of the military, the Ramsays were also a family who were accomplished. Some of their titles include dentist, teacher, businessmen and women, homemakers, mothers, career men and women, as well as community supporters and good will advocates, who have served their country well. They rose from the small town of Glendale to make the community proud and bring honor home to Grant and Bertha Ramsay, whose family heritage is passed on to future generations.

The men in the family were big, strapping handsome young men who met the world head on and sought for excellence in accomplishment. The girls were pretty and taught many skills from their mother who insisted on the pursuit of excellence in whatever tasks were performed. Bertha made many beautiful patchwork quilts with stitches to prove a piece of art in her handiwork. Her other projects of handcrafted items were also very neat and made with extreme care.

When her daughters talked about Bertha’s laundry, they did so with a smile. It was so important to have a brilliant, white laundry hanging on the line. After she boiled the clothes on the stove, she would put the clothes through a washing and rinsing until they sparkled under the glow of the morning sun. Bertha always took pride in a job well done, her daughters have attested to that fact.

So, on Glendale’s day of remembrance, tribute will be paid to an awesome family who brings pride to any community in America. They were and are true Americans who deserve the honor rendered to them on the birthday of America. Thank you Ramsay family. You make Glendale proud.

•Maida Ramsay Christensen – U.S. Navy, World War II

•Robert Ramsay – U.S. Army, Korean War

•Earl Grant Ramsay – U.S. Army, World War II

•Jay Ramsay – World War II and Korean War

•Clair Ramsay – U.S. Army, Korean War

•Douglas Lee Ramsay – U.S. Army hospital at Honolulu


A Family of Patriots 

The Ramsay Family

By Myrna Cox

Families come and families go

As life would lead them on,

But some have patriotic hearts

And serve from early on.


The flag has special meanings

Allegiance formed at youth

For those who love America

Search for liberty and truth.


Some stand taller than the rest

And serve with honors – great,

To give and sacrifice their all

To serve – to liberate.


Honorable they carry on

In conflicts great and small,

Thank God for family patriots

Who served and gave their ALL.